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Journal of Diabetology is an open access journal aiming to provide a forum for clinicians who are involved in the care of people with diabetes to exchange information, promote better management and stimulate research.
Its scope is to publish original research and scholarly reviews about prevention and management of diabetes, relating both to general and specific issues.

Current issue: February 2014
Original Article
Effects of diabetes complications and glycaemic control on some mineral elements in Nigerians patients with diabetes
E.I. Ugwuja, A.N. Nwibo, U.S. Ezenkwa, A.N. Oshim, R.C. Nnabu, E.D. Ogiji, M. Ogbanshi
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:1
Temporal changes in the prevalence of depression in subjects with and without diabetes in a rural area of Bangladesh
K. Natasha, B. Bhowmik, A. Hussain, A.K. Azad Khan
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:2
Plasma TNF-α in obese patients with diabetes and its relation to resting metabolic rate
T.H. Merghani, A.O. Alawad, M.A. Ballal
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:3
Adherence to insulin therapy at a tertiary care diabetes center in South India
M.S. Raut, J. Balasubramanian, R.M. Anjana, R Unnikrishnan, V. Mohan
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:4
A new look at screening and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in first degree relatives: Role of HbA1c, insulin resistance, metal ions and heat shock proteins
G. Raana, R. Khurshid
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:5
Case Report
Anaphylactic shock following ingestion of aronia juice in a patient with type 2 diabetes
M. Mikolajczyk, M. Kosmalski, J. Drzewoski
Journal of Diabetology, February 2014; 1:6

ISSN/EISSN 20787685

Who We are?
Diabetes in Asia Study Group is a non - profit organization, aimed to create awareness, to promote and encourage researches in characterization of Diabetes with in regions.

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